Teaching Analytical Exposition Contextually

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              Contextual means that material used for the topic is really familiar with the students and they know well the topic (life experience). When I teach writing in form of Analytical Exposition text, I usually use the current topic that they have known well. Using hand phone in the school, for example, I asked their opinion about it. Then I ask them to have a good title for their writing. They usually make a similar title with the model text. For instance, the title of the model text is “cars should be banned in the cities”. The students may have a title likes “Hand phone should be banned in the school” or “Hand phone should be forbidden in the school”.
After they have their own title, they must tell three or four reasons for their opinion. The reasons are written as the draft. When they have finished the draft, they have to elaborate each reason. The elaboration can be factual event, data or something else which relates to the reasons. These activities can be done individually or class discussion. After completing the draft, they make their own writing with paying attention to the text structure as they find in the model.
In assessing their work, I do not use the term of “correction (it is wrong or false)” but I give scores based on the criterions and I also appreciate them with some comments about their work to motivate. Such as, “your work is wonderful” or “Generally, it is good but you need to elaborate more”. 

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I think thats a great way to teach analytical exposition. however, we can also invite the students to bring up new topics but before hand we should give enough input about the topic that they are going to write, because in order to write well the students need enough information to be written.

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